Access Control

Control the Flow of Your Facility

Access Control gives businesses the ability to control, monitor and track access of employees, visitors and vehicles as they make their way through a facility. Advantech offers scalable solutions from small 2-door applications to multi-facility applications spanning large geographic areas. Typically network based, access control provides the core of any security management system.

Staff & Identification Badging

Visual verification of all building occupants has become paramount to safety and security, so why not have one card contain all pertinent security and identification information? By using smart card technology, critical information beyond security, like employee certifications and medical information can be housed on one credential.

Visitor Management

Visitor management is a better alternative to traditional paper records, facilities can have easier access to visitor data, increase the security of a facility, and meet compliance standards.  Advantech can provide solutions ranging from simple visitor tracking all the way to complex system integrations to validate identity or outstanding criminal history.  Additionally, visitor management technology adds a higher degree of professionalism to a facility while improving efficiency.

Cloud/Remote Services

Advantech’s managed services give businesses access to their system from anywhere and removes the need for expensive, upfront equipment costs. By taking advantage of these services, facilities are no longer responsible for upfront costs associated with purchasing equipment and software.  Customers also experience reduced long term equipment maintenance costs and reduced staff training requirements.  Administration of these systems can be controlled by the experienced team at Advantech. Learn more about the support services we can provide for your access control needs.

Access Controls in Action

See how Advantech provided access control solutions to the University of the District of Columbia.