Intrusion Detection

Small to Large, Advantech Has Solutions for Your Facility

Advantech has installed intrusion systems for a variety of  facilities to provide safety and security for people and assets.  Reliability of the design is of utmost importance, we provide robust security solutions with controlled methods to limit the likelihood of false alarms.  Once the perimeter is defined and the risk assessment is complete, the application of the appropriate detection technology is made.  Application technologies could include:

  • Motion Detection
  • Perimeter Opening Detection – Doors, Window & Hatches
  • Glass Break Detection
  • Barrier Sensors
  • Fence Mounted Detection
  • Video Motion Detection & Analytics
  • Outdoor Volumetric Sensors

Does your building need an updated or improved intrusion detection system? Or do you need full-time central monitoring? Learn more about central monitoring station services.

Trust Your Intrusion Detection System

How does Advantech create a dependable intrusion detection solution? Watch our case study on The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay Community.