Helping Customers Focus on Their Core Business

In today’s world, businesses have to be more vigilant than ever before to ensure the security of their business, assets, and customers.  As a result, to improve physical security and solve the “key control epidemic”, electronic access control systems are providing enhanced facility security.  However, with the proliferation of these systems, business owners are facing challenges such as:  large capital investment, ongoing management and tracking of credentials, and training of staff to “manage” the system.  Many business leaders find themselves in the position of spending time and energy on something that does not contribute directly to their bottom line.  In response to these challenges, Advantech has developed a solution that allows businesses to focus on their core business and leave the management of the access control system to the experts!

For a small monthly investment, businesses can eliminate the need for upfront capital costs of equipment, remove the requirement for staff to manage the system, and not have to worry about staff turnover and re-training.  Instead, the customer gets 24/7 response and support as well as equipment upgrades to ensure premium operation at all times.  Most importantly, the customer can spend their valuable time focusing on operating and growing their business while Advantech worries about security for them.

Interested in having Advantech help you focus on your core business?  Give us a call to further discuss our managed service solution options.

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