Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance: A Powerful Security & Management Tool

A video surveillance system is one of the most important tools a business or facility can have. Systems are used for safety, compliance, litigation and situational awareness, as well as a crime/theft deterrent.


By implementing new, integrated video surveillance systems along with intuitive mapping and custom graphical user interfaces, operators no longer need to remember which cameras are in which areas.  Custom mapping allows the user to quickly identify target fields of view and call up the corresponding cameras fast.  Decision makers are able to make split-second determinations with this new technology, no longer delaying important actions.

Resolution, Cameras & Video Analytics

Camera and video technologies are getting more and more advanced everyday. When choosing technology it’s important to work with someone who knows which innovations can benefit your system and which aren’t at their optimum level yet.  Advantech stays updated on the latest in high-quality video technology.  From increased megapixels to camera intelligence, our trained and knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Analytics enhances the video surveillance solution by providing automated monitoring of pre-defined events.  This automation saves both time and money while also cutting down on human error.

Cloud & Remote Management

Cloud and remote management allow you to experience all of the above-mentioned benefits of a video surveillance system without the investment of time, money and maintenance that an on premise equipment would require. Using the “cloud” will allow you to reduce overall upfront cost while maintaining full system functionality.  Learn more about our managed services.

You can learn more about our video surveillance software support and maintenance here.


The Right Video Surveillance System

The right video surveillance system can save your business time and money. See how Advantech provided the City of Dover Police Department with surveillance solutions.